About Marian


I think that I have always been interested in photography, from my earliest memories of my mum and her kodak brownie, and how I loved the way that that camera worked. How heavy it felt around my neck, how dirty it looked inside, and how weird it was to look down into the camera to take a pic of what was in front of me. Another thing that fascinated me was that my aunt used to take 'colour' pictures, I thought that was so cool.

I messed around with compact film cameras, and briefly with 35mm SLR cameras, but really got into photography when I started with digital camera. I started with a compact Olympus, then moved up to a Canon EOS 350D, progressed to the Canon 40D that I now have, and am currently seriously craving a Canon 5D Mk II with a selection of L lenses. One can dream ;)

I have used Flickr for quite a while as my online photosite, I have a Twitter account, and am an Academy member of Welshot.Imaging, the links to which can be found at my own website at http://marianjones.net/

Photography Equipment

My current equipment comprises a Canon EOS 5D mk2, Canon EF 17-40mm f4L, Canon EF 24-105mm f4L, an couple of manual old style Canon lenses and random other bits and pieces. Also have 2 Compact System Cameras - Sony NEX-7 and Panasonic g3 with assorted lenses

I use Adobe Photoshop CS4